Reumert vs Elmer

It is five o’clock in the afternoon in Copenhagen on Halloween, 31 October 2003. Elmer has just left the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts after a master class. He is ebullient as he steps over the threshold into Egelund, where the artist Niels Reumert is opening his exhibition. Elmer contemplates a huge painting on the end wall and looks over at the artist, Reumert. “Shouldn’t I update you a little bit?” he says. Reumert looks at Elmer, indulging him as he replies, “When shall we start?” Time passes, and each time they run into each other in Copenhagen, they ask, “When shall we start?” It is March 2006. We are in a rented room in the A-Huset building at Islandsbrygge in Copenhagen. Reumert starts off, putting brush to canvas first. Elmer then takes his turn. The game is on: a challenge to the visual arts and to the picture itself. The “real” painter versus the conceptual artist: they paint and discuss. The “battle of the painting” fluctuates between confrontation and dialogue, between the artists making joint decisions and tripping each other up. To introduce their works, Reumert and Elmer have allied themselves with 18 bleeding-edge young painters. Each will contribute one work of art carefully selected by Reumert and Elmer and, with a starting point in the two artists’ project, they will each write a short text to accompany their paintings on exhibit and in the catalogue.

  • Galleri C. Egelund
  • Robert Barta Show !

    TEXT: A candle that appears to be burning down soon, is found inside a glass vitrine that is placed on top of a classical showcase. This particular showcase usually used in museums for history. This candle though is burning for aprox. 50 hours but the viewer is only able to see a part of the actual size of it. It seems that the candle doesn´t get any shorter and so the fire stays the entire time at the same height level. You might be able to put up a statement with the outcome of a new time perception. This time perception is created by the inversion of the simplest thing we know since a long time – a burning candle. Just in this case the candle burns somewhere else.

    Description: media_wood, stepping motor, controller, glass vitrine, cloth
    measure_6 ft x 10 inch x 10 inch


    Gallery // Apartment
    Gormansstrasse 19 A
    10119 Berlin – Germany

  • Inc Berlin
  • Youngho Lee & Mikio Saito



    in our project space SATELLIT

    Opening: February 8th, 2007 at 7 p.m.

    The opening will be held by Prof. Simon Starling.

    Duration of the exhibition: February 8th through March 31st, 2007

    The Korean artist Youngho Lee and the Japanese artist Mikio Saito who since already some while cooperate as artist duo, present in their first solo show in our project space SATELLIT wall drawings, drawings, photography as well as video animation. Both artists are studying at the Frankfurt Städeschule, Youngho Lee with Simon Starling and Mikio Saito with Mark Lecky.

    The exhibition “Pencil of Nature” cites the title of the first photo book by Henry Fox Talbot. Literally he used the rays of the sun to draw his “photography”. Lee and Saito turn this approach in its negative:

    “If we imagine that our drawings are photography, they were taken in the dark and were drawn as a reality from our mind. They are personal remapped geography, transformed memory and architecture. And they are growing larger to be in ordinary life. If we believe strongly in something, there will emerge a fantasy figure in the dark (…).” [Saito & Lee]

    The old game of animated film to transform one thing in another, to heal the broken, or to revive the Dead, is driven to a self-referential game constantly repeating itself.

  • Galerie Anita Beckers
  • ::: Olafur Eliasson & Johannes Kjarval :::

    Opening at Gammel Strand Copenhagen…

    10. februar 2007 – 29. april 2007

    About 30 paintings from Kjarval
    Many photos from Olafur,- some schulputres, installations og 2 new works

    Udstillingen præsenterer cirka 30 malerier af Kjarval, et større antal af Eliassons
    fotografiske værker og enkelte skulpturer og installationer, samt to helt nye værker.

    LAVALAND sammenstiller to af Islands mest centrale kunstnere og sætter fokus på
    deres fælles interesse for naturen, som de med hver deres individuelle tilgang har gjort til
    omdrejningspunkt for deres kunst. Centralt for Olafur Eliasson og Jóhannes Kjarval står
    oplevelsen af landskabet og gennem en utraditionel sammenstilling af de to umiddelbart
    forskellige kunstnere fremsætter udstillingen nye dimensioner og mulige sammen-
    hænge for deres værker.

    Jóhannes S. Kjarval (1885-1972) arbejdede livet igennem med at fortolke det islandske
    landskab i ofte meget store malerier. Hans oplevelser af det islandske landskabs
    særlige fænomener genskabte han i malerier, der fremhævede landskabets fysiske
    bestanddele. Det nære og taktile; mossets overflade, lavastenene særlige struktur og
    isdannelsernes mangefarvede udseende er alle motiver, der løber som en rød tråd
    gennem hans værk. Sideløbende udviklede Kjarval et karakteristisk maleri, hvor
    landskabet i højere grad er symbolsk og befolkes af levende skabninger, der vokser ud
    og frem af landet.

    Olafur Eliasson (f.1967) har siden sin studietid på Det Kgl. Danske Kunstakademi i
    starten af 1990erne fotograferet naturen på Island igennem talrige serier, der ligeledes
    samler sig om det islandske landskabs særlige kvaliteter. Landskabet registreres på
    næsten videnskabelig vis i indsamlede observationer af forskellige kategorier af
    naturfænomener og landskabsformationer som fx grotter, gletchere og kløfter, der alle
    iscenesætter forskellige oplevelser af fænomenet. Fotografierne løber parallelt med
    Olafur Eliassons almene interesse for at udforske vores perception af og interaktion med
    naturen og mere overordnet vores forhold til omverdenen.

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