Robert Barta Show !

TEXT: A candle that appears to be burning down soon, is found inside a glass vitrine that is placed on top of a classical showcase. This particular showcase usually used in museums for history. This candle though is burning for aprox. 50 hours but the viewer is only able to see a part of the actual size of it. It seems that the candle doesn´t get any shorter and so the fire stays the entire time at the same height level. You might be able to put up a statement with the outcome of a new time perception. This time perception is created by the inversion of the simplest thing we know since a long time – a burning candle. Just in this case the candle burns somewhere else.

Description: media_wood, stepping motor, controller, glass vitrine, cloth
measure_6 ft x 10 inch x 10 inch


Gallery // Apartment
Gormansstrasse 19 A
10119 Berlin – Germany

  • Inc Berlin
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