AD PAINTINGS II by Tomas Lahoda


29. MARTS – 19. MAJ 2007.

MARCH 29TH – MAY 19TH 2007.


With AD PAINTINGS II Tomas Lahoda continues the series he exhibited under the same title at Galerie Birthe Laursen in 2005. A batch of new paintings get back in the ring with the glamorous world of fashion in which Lahoda finds his topics. The reflecting artist dissects the surface of advertising and creates pictures that digs deeper. These new paintings are focusing on perfume and cosmetics that become a symbol of ultimate superficiality, in which we hide our inner selves. As spectators we assume the point of view of the models, and a fear-provoking scenario takes place in front of the mirror. Behind the bright childish, neon coloured pastiches of perfume flacons, deformed models that absolutely won’t live up to the expectations of the material world’s reality-twisting perfection are revealed. A world that pretends to offer the eternally new and beautiful, creating a permanent desire for our narcissistic satisfaction – an ideal perverted modern altar.

Tomas Lahoda is born in 1954 in the Czech Republic and he lives and works in both Prague and Copenhagen. He is educated at The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague 1973- 1979. Tomas Lahoda has done many solo and group shows mainly in Denmark and the Czech Republic but also in USA, Belgium, Finland and Sweden. He has worked as conservator at Statens Museum for Kunst, the National Gallery and as associate professor and leader of the painting department at Jutland Art Academy in Århus.

The catalogue AD PAINTINGS II and high resolution press photos will be available at the gallery.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Danish Arts Council’s Committee for Visual Arts.

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    ::: Tree days workshop :::
    Professor Hein in Copenhagen…Jeppe Hein was teaching at the Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen last week.

    The workshop was taking point in the German movie “Lauf der Dinge”.
    The students saw the movie and then they had 2 hole days together with Jeppe, to do their own “Lauf der Dinge” at the Academy.

    Big Opening last Wednesday,
    Crazy show…

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