Welcome to a night with Shrigley at Malmö Konsthall

Welcome to a night with Shrigley at Malmö Konsthall

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to a finissage, book signing and
dj-evening with David Shrigley October 31st 2007, from 7 p.m. until

19.00 – 21.00 David Shrigley signs his new catalogue
The artist David Shrigley will present and sign the new catalogue produced
by Malmö Konsthall on the occasion of his retrospective solo exhibition
Everything must have a name (8 September – 4 November 2007) at Malmö
Konsthall. Up to now the exhibition has had over 30 000 visitors. The
exhibition is open until 9 p.m. this night. Sunday, November 4, is the very
last chance to see this appreciated exhibition.
The catalogue is edited by David Bellingham (chief editor), Jacob Fabricius
and David Shrigley. The catalogue is 224 pages with colour images from
behind the scenes from the making and installing – to the final exhibition.
The catalogue consists of two interviews with the artist by David Bellingham
and Jacob Fabricius. The two interviews appear in English and Swedish.

Special release price 250 SEK

21.00 – 24.00 David Shrigley plays his favourite songs
Shrigley will furthermore present the newly released double CD Worried
Noodles (Tomlab). 39 exclusive songs from 39 artists, with each contribution
drawing on Shrigley’s lyrics from 2005’s Worried Noodles songbook.
39 exclusive songs featuring fantastic songs by: David Byrne, Franz
Ferdinand, Hot Chip, Liars, Trans Am, TV On The Radio, Scout Niblett, Aidan
Mofatt (ex-Arab Strap), Islands, Final Fantasy, Grizzly Bear and many more.

Special release price 200 SEK

Kristian Kozul

Goff + Rosenthal is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Kristian Kozul opening this Saturday, November 3rd through January 5th, 2008.

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson (US)
”Love Songs For Demons”
November 2 > December 22 2007

Opening: Friday November 2, 5-8 pm

MOGADISHNI AAR is pleased to present “Love Songs For Demons”, the first solo exhibition in Denmark by the American artist Aaron Johnson (b. 1975). The show features new paintings and drawings, in which a sensuous and hallucinatory universe with demonic creatures, shifty politicians, and American iconography is unfolded. The works at the show can be seen as critical comments on certain aspects of American society today.

Contradictions are significantly characteristic in Johnson’s work. The title of the show “Love Songs For Demons” refers to the dichotomies of seduction/repulsion and love/hate.

Upon viewing the paintings at the show, you will probably first notice their geometric and ornamented forms, conspicuous, psychedelic colours and smooth, and clear surfaces. This first impression will easily relate to an unblemished and romantic experience related to the pop qualities of love songs (hence the title “Love Songs”). After the first impression you will notice that the paintings are not that harmless at all, but full of demons. Subverted under the initial surface grotesque and violent narratives are revealed, where body parts, viscera and decapitated heads explode into the air. The characters in these paintings are part of a violent chaos that is simultaneously beautiful, ecstatic and flowering.

“Bonnie & Clyde” is an example at the show, where horror and ecstasy are mutually simbiotic. The painting shows a male and a female figure in a sensuous embrace, while they are simultaneously about to devour and distroy each other, as they shoot pistols off into the air in a star-spangled salute.

Johnson chooses to portray the outlaw criminal lovers Bonnie & Clyde, who created a spectacle in the 1930s when they rampaged though Amerika with their reckless killings and robberies, as a critique of the heated fascination with violence and the immense need for spectacle, which according to him, characterizes America today. Johnson chooses to let contradictions such as seduction/repulsion melt together as a metaphor for our contemporary condition where our perception of spectacle and reality is perpetually blurred.

Caracteristic for Aaron Johnson is a unique painting method, which literally turns the conventions of painting inside-out. His process involves painting in reverse on stretched plastic, thereby building up his images from the small details first, proceeding, in backwards logic, to the background last; after which stretched netting is applied to the painted image, allowing the paint to congeal to the net through an application of polymer. Ultimately, and seemingly magically, the plastic is peeled away and the painting is complete.

In Aaron Johnson’s work, process and images go hand in hand. His backwards methods in turn conceptually flip reality inside-out to reveal that beneath the veils of culture and sophistication we are all insatiable beasts. And according to Johnson the beast is doing very well because of our over-saturated contemporary culture.

Aaron Johnson lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, and holds an MFA from Hunter College. He has had several exhibitions at the gallery Priska C. Juschka Fine Art. His work is in the collection of the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art and in the permanent drawings collection of MoMA, New York.

MOGADISHNI AAR welcomes You to the gallery!
Aaron Johnson will be present at the opening November 2nd.



October 26 – December 21, 2007
Opening: October 25, 2007

Andreas Grimm Munich is pleased to present the second solo exhibition of Dasha Shishkin on the 25th of October from 7 pm-9 pm.

The Russian born artist who has been living in New York since 1993 loves to play with contrasts. Her work contains large-sized drawings, which picture the theatrum mundi as a gruesomely beautiful spectacle in dazzling colors as well as small-sized drawings. Those contrasts are ambiguous; In Shishkin’s work everything can turn into its opposite at anytime, the harmless becomes the grotesque or the brutal turns into the comical. In doing so she succeeds in dealing with serious topics like violence, eros, or death with a humorous easiness and that causes the viewer to smirk over and over again.

The Title of Dasha Shishkin’s new exhibition at Andreas Grimm: “Love Sick” names exactly the state between sky-high cheering and being deeply grieved, a condition which all (sorrowful) lovers know too well. Some of her new works, which are iridescent chromatic drawings on canvas, use the interior as a connecting element, which functions as a formal frame and indicates potential stories. More important for the cohesion of the pieces is the attitude that underlies the body of work. It speaks of the eventuality of finding beauty in the alleged ugly, it is the visual angle of those who have just fallen in love, who see everything in shimmering colors before their fortune fades and the world occurs in sulky gray. Certain after that is only the knowledge that everything could or will be different. This does not only correspond to the experience of those who are “love-sick”, it also holds true for Dasha Shishkin herself, who does not see her pictorial results as definite truths but more as a procedural state because in the end everything could be completely different.

Andreas Grimm München



New works by Louise Sparre

DUNK! is now ready for the autumn season.
DUNK! has painted the floor and installed new windows.
DUNK! is proud to present world class sculptural objects.
SPACE INVADERS is a fantastic mix of standing, hanging and floating sculptures.
SPACE INVADERS are spaced out objects standing out in wild forms and colors.
SPACE INVADERS is a beautiful three-dimensional poetic pop song.
SPACE INVADERS are super aesthetic sculptural objects by Louise Sparre.

LOUISE SPARRE is a profound Danish artist who casts dreams in three dimensions by taking picture fragments from the imagery of everyday life and bringing them into new constellations creating poetical, critical as well as humoristic manifestations.

At the opening of SPACE INVADERS DUNK! also presents a new 3D-edition,
“Razzle-Dazzle Impact” by the Danish art duo Hesselholdt & Mejlvang.

Opening Reception:

Thursday, November 1, 2007 from 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

The exhibition is open from Friday, November 2, until Thursday, November 29, by appointment or every Wednesday & Thursday from 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Vaerkstedsvej 6, 2. sal tv.2500 Valby / Copenhagen

SpearCraft | Standpoint Gallery


Spear: long, pointed weapon, aerodynamic in design, thrown by the human arm/hand.
Craft: to make or fashion with skill, esp. by hand, manual dexterity.
A single vessel, aircraft, spacecraft.

Standpoint Gallery