Richard Woods

The Public Art Fund presents
Richard Woods’ wall and door and roof at New York’s City Hall Park
July 2 – September, 2009

The Public Art Fund has commissioned Richard Woods to whimsically transform the gateway to New York’s City Hall this summer. Cladding the property’s two security booths with a printed facade of cartoonlike red bricks, Woods draws on his unique vernacular, identifying this design as an inexpensive architectural style; visually dynamic and in stark juxtaposition to the historically significant location. Woods’ faux renovation continues inside City Hall, where one of the lobby doors is covered in a printed graphic that is a replication of itself, including all of the ornamental details of the original to produce a heightened and flattened sense of reality.

Location and Directions:
City Hall Park is located in Lower Manhattan, bordered by Broadway, Chambers Street, Centre Street, and Park Row. Subways: A, C, E to Chambers Street; 4, 5, 6, J, M, Z to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall; N, R to City Hall; 2, 3 to Park Place. The exhibition is free to the public, although reservations are required for tours of City Hall and can be made by calling 311 or visiting

NY Times
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