We love summer at moniquemeloche!

Don’t miss our summer show How Do I Look? thru this Sat. July 28th
featuring photographs and videos by Sheree Hovsepian & Heidi Norton, Rashid Johnson, Shana Moulton, and Carrie Schneider.

Next opening: Friday, September 7th from 6-9pm
on and on new multi-media exhibition

Upcoming art fairs:
Preview Berlin Sept 29 – Oct 1 — Carla Arocha/Stephane Schraenen and Shana Moulton
PULSE London Oct 11-14 — Karen Reimer and Carrie Schneider

Gallery news:
Carla Arocha
Metamorphosis III, L.A.C. Lieu d’Art Contemporain, Sigean, France curated by Christa VyVey Fall 2007
travels to Museo Abello, Barcelona

Justin Cooper
residency, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture summer 2007
Interiority, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago closes July 29th
residency, performance, exhibition Hong Kong Fall 2007
Rashid Johnson
solo show Dark Matters at James Harris Gallery Seattle http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/Content?oid=267234
MCA Exposed:Defining Moments in Photography, 1967-2007 MCA Chicago closes July 29th
The Color Line at Jack Shainman Gallery NY closes August 3rd
For the love of the Game: Race and Sport Amistad Center at the Wadsworth Athenaeum CT thru Oct 21

Laura Letinksy & Christopher Patch
lobby gallery James Hotel Chicago

Laura Mosquera & Alexa Horochowski
group show Double X: Women Representing Women Visual Arts Gallery The University of Alabama at Birmingham Aug 31 to Oct 7

Karen Reimer
solo retrospective Rochester Art Center, Rochester, MN Oct 13-Jan 6
Raised in Craftivity, Greenlease Gallery at Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO Fall
Joel Ross
(un)-Building, Mills College Art Museum, Boston curated by Dina Deitsch closed July 29
Lifting:Theft in Art Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen Scotland curated by Atopia Projects August 25 – September 29
residency Zygote Press, Cleveland OH summer 2007

Pamela Wilson-Ryckman
Pacific Light: California Watercolor Refracted, 1907 – 2007 Gallery at San Francisco State University Sep 22 – Oct 20
The Landscape of War: Transformation of the familiar San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art opens Nov
residency printmaking San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art Now!

..:::Morten Schelde exhibition:::..

Morten Schelde @

Vestsjællands Kunstmuseum

The Great Fiction Of Science”

Udstillingen er resultatet af kunstnerens deltagelse i Galathea 3-ekspeditionen efteråret 2006. Indtrykkene fra rejsen og omgivelserne på skibet nedfældede Morten Schelde (f.1972) i et stort antal fotografier som udgjorde en slags dagbogsnotater. Fotografierne har dannet udgangspunkt for en serie kæmpestore tegninger, som Morten Schelde i løbet af vinteren har arbejdet på i sit atelier i København. Dertil kommer et forløb af mindre kobbertryk samt en serie digitale prints, hvor Schelde på computer har tegnet hen over fotografierne.

Morten Schelde
The Great Fiction of Science
21. april – 24. juni 2007
Vestsjællands Kunstmuseum

Storgade 9, 4180 Sorø

…:::Mailbox this morning:::…

  • Mail from: OBEY
  • Online Auction to Support KET‚s Defense Fund

    Shepard has joined many of Alain Ket Mariduena‚s friends in supporting his
    on going battle with the NYC courts by presenting an Art Benefit for Alain
    Ket‚s Legal Defense. Art will be auctioned off on July 26th and an event
    will be held on August 1st in NYC with proceeds going towards the defense

    Alain Ket Maridueña is a publisher, writer, Hip Hop historian, activist and
    graffiti artist from New York City. He was charged in New York City courts
    (Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan) on counts of felony criminal mischief,
    possession of graffiti tools, and X., all relating to a search performed on
    his home in New York City in late 2006.

    Alain Maridueña‚s arrest had come in the context of a growing anti-graffiti
    sentiment in city government due to the growing gentrification of New York
    City and as part of the Mayor Bloomberg‚s quality of life push, one started
    by former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Alain‚s arrest appears to be politically
    motivated attack for his involvement with Marc Ecko and Ecko‚s successful
    lawsuits against the city of New York in order to hold a graffiti event and
    repealing a spray paint sales ban to 18 year olds. Many consider the charges
    against Alain excessive.

    Alain‚s court cases are ongoing and his family and friends will be raising
    funds to pay his legal defense, setting up public events to educate people
    about the incarceration of artists, and providing financial, logistical, and
    legal support to Alain throughout his proceedings.

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  • Kei Takemura

    Kei Takemura
    “even if we’re not together”
    1 – 29 September, 2007

    Kei Takemura “renovated K.K.’s tea cup” 2007
    Japanese silk thread, Italian synthetic cloth, K.K.’s tea cup which K.T.
    used at her home, 13 x 12 x 6 cm
    Courtesy of the artist and Taka Ishii Gallery

    Kei Takemura “even if we’re not together” 2007
    Japanese silk thread, Italian synthetic cloth, colour print, B&W print which image
    was taken by M.B. somewhere in Africa, colour spray, 260 x 530 cm
    Courtesy of the artist and Taka Ishii Gallery

    Taka Ishii Gallery is pleased to announce our solo exhibition
    “even if we’re not together” with Berlin-based artist Kei Takemura.
    This exhibition is her second solo exhibition with the gallery, and includes
    a new installation of four large works (100″ x 127″) comprised of two layers
    of embroidery and photograph/drawing, as well as small sculptures from the
    series “renovation.”

    I made my latest works considering as a motif people who live in parallel time with me.
    The scene M.B. saw during his stay in Africa, the coast I saw in Miami.
    The room of my friend R.M. who moved to Berlin after January 17th quake.
    A destroyed house near my parent’s house.
    The scene A.F. saw when he visited his hometown, Abadan.
    The scene M.H. saw when he passed through Tel Aviv.
    A hundred flowers that my friend, an old German woman E.G. hand-crocheted.

    I chose some of scenes from photographs given to me by people I know, scenes in which
    I did not participate yet touched my memory, then I overlapped my memory of other places
    and times to transform images. By this process, I consciously tried to make a composition
    of image and a selection of color which might best serve to embody memories.

    Kei Takemura

    For Takemura, the act of embroidery is to create a state of being “tentative.”
    She considers her memory through an objective practice. This state of “tentative”
    is embodied in her action and is based on her thought that this status equals the
    present state of art. She presents her works as a point of view, as means to find
    beauty itself and also as a prompt to consider the relationship between a point
    of view and an environment.
    When the light falls on photographs and drawings peek through organdy, and
    the shadow of embroidery is layered in line, the memory of place is evoked through
    the image. The artist’s memory does not consist of her memory but interrelated
    memories of an other. This traverses a border gradually and evokes universal memories
    which may involve unknown people.

    Kei Takemura was born in 1975, Tokyo. Lives and works in Berlin.
    2002 Tokyo National University of Fine Art and Music, MA
    2004 Berlin Art Academy, Prof. Lother Baumgarten, BA
    2004-2007 Agency for cultural Affairs, Japan Scholarship.
    2004 Debut exhibition “For dearest You” at Taka Ishii Gallery,
    “Kei Takemura” at Galerie Alexandra Saheb, Berlin.
    2006 15th Biennale of Sydney, Sydney
    Publication: “Takemura Kei in Berlin 2000-2005” (2005, Taka Ishii Gallery)

  • Takaishii Gallery

    MOGADISHNI AAR proudly presents the exhibition ”No Tears” by Italian artist Davide Zucco (b. 1981). In 2000 Davide Zucco received an Art Diploma in Graphics and Printing from Istituto Statale d’Arte, Vittorio Veneto, Italy and is otherwise self-taught. Despite his young age Zucco has exhibited in a long range of solo shows, group shows and various festivals.

    Ancient and contemporary artistic traditions meet in Davide Zucco’s exhibition ”No Tears”. The show consists of 9 black and white drawings, 5 colour drawings, a large-scale wall piece and an illustrative audio piece. Rooted in the underground environment and its experiments with new artistic crossovers Davide Zucco’s art encompasses an intrinsic passion for drawing, street art, electronic performances but it also reveals his strong fascination of ancient cultures, which gives his show an old-world feel mixed with a modern approach.

    The Good and the Bad, angels and demons are played out against each other in an archaic illustrative playground. The formal expression of Zucco’s works leads the mind to religious art from various cultures, which tends to stress a delicate separation of colours and layers and has a refined sharpness in detail as seen in Maya Indian art, Byzantine icons and Gothic murals. The creatures found in Zucco’s works have reminiscences of the demons and monsters that appear in the periphery of religious scripts and in church interiors of the Middle Ages. But Zucco’s art equally connects with the renaissance of the “monstrous”, observable in today’s preoccupation with various forms of Fantasy such as Dungeons and Dragons, “The Lord of the Rings”, “Harry Potter” and so on.

    The legends and divinities created by ancient civilizations out of a respect and fear for nature and the incomprehensible, have always fascinated Davide Zucco. This is why the inspiration for many of his creatures is found in ancient statues, which brings a magical and mysterious feel to the artist’s otherwise contemporary aesthetic. The delicate and dark subjects with the intriguing gazes in Zucco’s works wander between the human, the godlike, the ultra terrestrial as a new sort of species, that seems to incarnate the internal emotional struggles, the hopes and fears that we can all find in ourselves, thus connecting ancient civilizations and modern Man.

  • Mogadishni
  • Kendell Geers

    Kendell Geers
    ‘Fuckface’ – Kendell Geers, 2005
    Spray paint on human skull, 22 x 14 x 15cm