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  • Online Auction to Support KET‚s Defense Fund

    Shepard has joined many of Alain Ket Mariduena‚s friends in supporting his
    on going battle with the NYC courts by presenting an Art Benefit for Alain
    Ket‚s Legal Defense. Art will be auctioned off on July 26th and an event
    will be held on August 1st in NYC with proceeds going towards the defense

    Alain Ket Maridueña is a publisher, writer, Hip Hop historian, activist and
    graffiti artist from New York City. He was charged in New York City courts
    (Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan) on counts of felony criminal mischief,
    possession of graffiti tools, and X., all relating to a search performed on
    his home in New York City in late 2006.

    Alain Maridueña‚s arrest had come in the context of a growing anti-graffiti
    sentiment in city government due to the growing gentrification of New York
    City and as part of the Mayor Bloomberg‚s quality of life push, one started
    by former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Alain‚s arrest appears to be politically
    motivated attack for his involvement with Marc Ecko and Ecko‚s successful
    lawsuits against the city of New York in order to hold a graffiti event and
    repealing a spray paint sales ban to 18 year olds. Many consider the charges
    against Alain excessive.

    Alain‚s court cases are ongoing and his family and friends will be raising
    funds to pay his legal defense, setting up public events to educate people
    about the incarceration of artists, and providing financial, logistical, and
    legal support to Alain throughout his proceedings.

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