Youngho Lee & Mikio Saito



in our project space SATELLIT

Opening: February 8th, 2007 at 7 p.m.

The opening will be held by Prof. Simon Starling.

Duration of the exhibition: February 8th through March 31st, 2007

The Korean artist Youngho Lee and the Japanese artist Mikio Saito who since already some while cooperate as artist duo, present in their first solo show in our project space SATELLIT wall drawings, drawings, photography as well as video animation. Both artists are studying at the Frankfurt Städeschule, Youngho Lee with Simon Starling and Mikio Saito with Mark Lecky.

The exhibition “Pencil of Nature” cites the title of the first photo book by Henry Fox Talbot. Literally he used the rays of the sun to draw his “photography”. Lee and Saito turn this approach in its negative:

“If we imagine that our drawings are photography, they were taken in the dark and were drawn as a reality from our mind. They are personal remapped geography, transformed memory and architecture. And they are growing larger to be in ordinary life. If we believe strongly in something, there will emerge a fantasy figure in the dark (…).” [Saito & Lee]

The old game of animated film to transform one thing in another, to heal the broken, or to revive the Dead, is driven to a self-referential game constantly repeating itself.

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