The Devils Staircase

The Devils Staircase

November 22nd, 2007 – January 10th, 2008

Opening Reception
Thursday, November 22nd at 5-8 pm

bendixen contemporary art proudly presents The Devils Staircase. Featuring Lisbeth Bank (b. 1975), Stefan Rotvit (b.1975), Mr. Pind (b.1975) and Ferdinand Ahm Krag (b.1977).

At The Devils Staircase four young artists each present their own semi-science-fictional artworks:
Lisbeth Bank will be presenting a single large sculpture, where the spectator literally moves in and out a giant insect eye. Looking at – and through – pixeled dimensions Bank offers the spectator an opportunity to view the world from a totally different perspective.
Ferdinand Ahm Krag’s optical drawings thematically circles about architecture, flights into space, meditation and infinity. From humble drawing techniques he takes the spectator on a journey though vibrating surfaces of psychedelic intensity, almost musically scores and geometrically outlandish constructions.
Whereas Ahm Krags drawings seek their starting point in outer space, Stefan Rotvit’s drawings on the other hand explore the inner landscapes of the body. Creating a number of indefinable biomorphous figures, his drawings equally evokes thoughts of schizophrenic nightmare and strangely appealing beauty.
The artist Mr. Pind will present us with a large mirror construction in the shape of a brain. It’s a space, which you can enter, and functions as a kind of portrait of our consciousness. Walking inside the mirror construction, sound- and light effects will animate the spectator to ‘creativity’.


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