Laurina Paperina & Damiano Nava

Perugi artecontemporanea pressent
Laurina Paperina: Brain Dead & IN THE B SIDE ROOM
Damiano Nava Closeness

Perugi artecontemporanea is proud to present twin solo shows by Laurina Paperina e Damiano Nava.

Brain Dead, is Laurina Paperina’s latest fairy story, seemingly harmless, but in truth made up of a corrosive and denigrating appropriation of the clichés of cartoons
The characters embody the moment where the media icon was attacked by the underlying creativity in an antagonistic way and spread by the “barbaric” army of street artists, home-made fanzines and the on-line community. The events acquire a rather “unseemly” tone and this is even more disturbing because the end of the story does not offer any kind of moral to suggest affirmation of common sense.
All of this is also a homage to Peter Jackson’s early films, masterpieces of DIY cinema, exemplary pieces for their courageous and radical refusal of any kind of dogmatic burden which stood in the way of the enthralling flow of the show.

Damiano Nava’s multi-piece photographic work Closely draws us into a situation where a highly charged sensuality is mingled with an air of playfulness- saucy, but at the same time embarrassed. It is a almost as if the heroes of Wolfgang Tillmans or Terry Richardson had suddenly blushed, irrevocably undermining their toughness. This very aspect expands their psychological complexity, bringing them close to us.

Perugiarte Contemporanea
Laurina Paperina

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