‘Hope Springs Internal’


We are happy to present ‘Hope Springs Internal’ – the first one person show at POVevolving Gallery by artist John Casey. The show will feature a collection of new pen and ink drawings and a large scale installation.

John Casey is obsessed with fictitious human morphology, which he explores in his ink drawings and small sculptures. At first glance, his works seem to portray a menagerie of deformed creatures. A collective analysis reveals this array of oddball creations to be a series of psychological studies — self-portraits of the artist’s inner psyche in all of its multifaceted incarnations. Some sad, some horrific, and some whimsical, these characters evoke responses from laughter and sympathy to disgust and discomfort. While one might call Casey’s work the exorcising of inner demons, his creations inspire more empathy than they do loathing. By depicting the grotesque as pitiable, John Casey illuminates the darkest corners of the mind, seeking redemption for all of us.

In the project room of the gallery, we are very happy to present ‘Odd Populi’ – A collection of works by a small group of artists carefully selected by John Casey to accompany him in his debut at POV. Artists include Martha Sue Harris, Bill Dunlap, Kerri Lee Johnson, Billy Sprague, and Mike Lay.

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The Pop of Colors @ POVevolving Gallery


The Pop of Colors @ POVevolving Gallery

POVevolving is pleased to present a group show by guest curator Yasmine Mohseni.  The Pop of Colors examines the use of pop colors in contemporary art through a series of work created for this exhibition by six emerging artists.  The bold synthetic color palette of groundbreaking Pop Art figures like Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg have entered the collective consciousness and no longer stands out as revolutionary.  Rather, the use of lime greens, bright yellows, and electric blues has become common, even banal.  Pop colors can be seen all around us from mundane advertising to high fashion.  Yet, artists continue to reinvent ways in which they see the world through innovative applications of pop color.  Whether it’s the subtle use of bright hues or an aggressive all-over approach, the exhibiting artists use color as both a conceptual and decorative tool.

Jessalyn Haggenjos’ installations juxtapose monochromatic organic sculpture with paint pours of explosive synthetic colors, a duality that conveys both the beauty and contamination of the American landscape.  Painter and installation artist Amir H. Fallah’s instinctive use of intrepid purples, oranges and yellows set the stage for compositions that engage in the artist’s personal memories.  Multi-media artist Mark Schoening’s first foray in color results in dramatic abstract compositions that investigate the natural beauty and harmony that come from giving in to chaos.  Stella Lai structured compositions utilize color to create a bright and beautiful surface luring the viewer into dark and, at times, violent themes.

The show will feature original work by Amir. H Fallah, Clark Goolsby, Jessalyn Haggenjos, Stella Lai, Jason Redwood, Mark Schoening and Mike Swaney.

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