‘Hope Springs Internal’


We are happy to present ‘Hope Springs Internal’ – the first one person show at POVevolving Gallery by artist John Casey. The show will feature a collection of new pen and ink drawings and a large scale installation.

John Casey is obsessed with fictitious human morphology, which he explores in his ink drawings and small sculptures. At first glance, his works seem to portray a menagerie of deformed creatures. A collective analysis reveals this array of oddball creations to be a series of psychological studies — self-portraits of the artist’s inner psyche in all of its multifaceted incarnations. Some sad, some horrific, and some whimsical, these characters evoke responses from laughter and sympathy to disgust and discomfort. While one might call Casey’s work the exorcising of inner demons, his creations inspire more empathy than they do loathing. By depicting the grotesque as pitiable, John Casey illuminates the darkest corners of the mind, seeking redemption for all of us.

In the project room of the gallery, we are very happy to present ‘Odd Populi’ – A collection of works by a small group of artists carefully selected by John Casey to accompany him in his debut at POV. Artists include Martha Sue Harris, Bill Dunlap, Kerri Lee Johnson, Billy Sprague, and Mike Lay.

POVevolving Gallery