Christina Malbek

Christina Malbek

Shame, Abandon, Melancholy, Swallow, you

Charlotte Fogh present Christina Malbek´s first solo exhibition in Denmark. Malbek graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2003. Since then, she has exhibited in venues such as Kim Light/ LightBox in Los Angeles, Transit Art Space in Stavanger, Norway, Göteborgs Konsthall in Sweden, and the Mexican national museum Museo de San Carlos. She is represented in several major international collections, including Arken -Museum of Modern Art in Denmark.

Christina Malbek is one of the most innovative and talented contemporary landscape painters. To this deeply traditional subject matter she brings the airbrush techniques of graffiti and the tools of digital media, giving it an intensity and relevance rarely seen today. Her fragmented vision and use of a vivid palette create surprising compositions that are rich in contrast, coloring the apparently romantic landscape with complexity, unease, and mystery.

For the exhibition at Charlotte Fogh Contemporary, Malbek has created five immense paintings entitled Shame, Abandon, Melancholy, Swallow, and You. In doing so, she has blown up and transformed everyday details until they approach abstraction, and similarly magnified watercolor elements with their flowing, organic forms. By investing vast dark surfaces and glimpses of figurative elements with an expansive aspect, these modern landscapes generate a dialog between the viewer and the space in which they hang.

Charlotte Fogh

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