Within performance, painting, video, sculpture and installation, the group exhibition ‘Berliner Strasse’ conveys the above-average and headstrong artistic talent that is waiting to be discovered in the young Berlin urban art scene. The .BHC Kollektiv, formerly a cultural center, offers the ideal space for this kind of exhibition, with its typical ‘Honecker-Chic’ 70s style, the lived-out urbanity it has seen and approximately 1800 square meters of space both inside and out. A selection of the best and brightest artists of today’s urban art and street art scene in Berlin will be coming together for the first time here, directly on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz. To a large part untouched by the academic corset of the art academies, inspired by the street life of their city, the ‘Berliner Strasse’ artists will be displaying novel means of expression, media and techniques that speak a very individual language, especially when compared to today’ s global scene. ‘Berliner Strasse’ has recently received written invitations for exhibitions in New York, London and Warsaw. Come check it out before the artistic nomads move on! We would be more than happy to see you!

Circle Culture
Berliner Strasse

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