As we begin using our new exhibition rooms, Christoph Tannert, CEO and artistic director in the fine art department, has developed a new format that suggests itself for a series of exhibitions, intending to make a direct visual connection between exhibition contributions by guests of the International Studio Programme at the Künstlerhaus and current positions which are not part of the artist-community here. Artists from Berlin and Germany, in the main, are not fellowship-holders at the Künstlerhaus. In a series entitled “ZUSPIEL” (“pass”), exchange relations will be visualised with artists, curators and nominators, who take up and carry on ideas and themes initiated by guest artists of the Künstlerhaus.

The current  ZUSPIEL artist is Jasper Sebastian Stürup. His works – primarily drawings, but also photos, videos and objects – adopt material from the gigantic, omnipresent store of pop culture, film, music and fashion magazines. His fine-lined drawing offer viewers figures and remnants of figures shimmering between presence and absence, between motif and abstraction. His inevitably faceless beings often appear to be surrounded and captured by the  ornamental patterns of lines that Stürup weaves around them like a spider creating his web.

Jasper Sebastian Stürup, was born in Frederiksberg, Denmark, in 1969. He lives and works in New York.

Kunstlerhaus Bethanien

Jasper Sebastian Strurup

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