Yuki Kimura


Since opening at the end of last year, the IZU PHOTO MUSEUM has held exhibitions that convey the diversity of photography: Hiroshi Sugimoto’s NATURE OF LIGHT exhibition conceiving of the birth of photography, and SUSPENDING TIME: Life—Photography—Death, in which everyday photographs overlooked by history were highlighted. We now present the contemporary artist Yuki Kimura’s first solo exhibition at a museum.

Based in Kyoto, Kimura uses photographs and film in the context of contemporary art as materials, as well as analysis and thought concerning time and image, and has exhibited two- and three-dimensional works that expand into the exhibition space. Beginning with the 6th Istanbul Biennial (1999), she has participated in foreign group exhibitions and major art fairs, steadily continuing to receive better reviews, centering on those from domestic and foreign critics and curators who follow the next generation of artists.

The subject exhibition, with entirely new works, has been named “Untitled”. As in the title, by excluding stories and keywords, through the works alone Kimura attempts a more practical expression of her deliberation on the relationship between the image and its supporting medium or the photograph’s posteriority, which has matured slowly through her past work. In addition, there is no central image; while the effect created by the arranged individual images expands freely in various directions, the entire space forms a single installation work.

The photographs used here include those that Kimura took herself while traveling, those found in her grandfather’s albums, those purchased from various cities across the world, those sent from friends, etc. They reached the artist through various routes, and have been carefully selected according to their themes. Kimura attempts to bind the images of the “past” indicated by the photographs or the correlation between the image and the object with the space before one’s eyes through her analytical involvement with the simple task of arrangement. In this manner, a “present” only to be found here now, vividly appears in “Untitled.”

Yuki Kimura
Born in 1971 and based in Kyoto. Yuki Kimura is internationally active, utilizing photography, film and 3-dimensional installations. Recent major solo exhibitions include Year 1940 was a leap year starting on Monday at the Taka Ishii Gallery (Tokyo 2009), and POSTERIORITY at the Daiwa Press Viewing Room (Hiroshima 2009). In 2011, she intends to participate in group exhibitions at the Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito and the National Museum of Art, Osaka


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