”Unsafe Territories” is the title of the this solo exhibition by Iben Toft Nørgård, which consist of a number of large-scale collages. Within the media of collage the artist explores the field of identity, body and gender in an expression which is at the same time dangerous and seductive.
Iben Toft Nørgård has since her education from DJK – Jutland Academy of Fine Arts in 2005 been working with collage as technique and expression. The materials are a combination of various images from the past that blends with the present, from old books to glittering magazines, along with 3D-medias as broken records and tape, jigsaw puzzles, embroidery and maculated paper, aiming for an expression beyond time.
The motives of the collages are figurative and narrative with a subduction of surrealism and abstraction. In the earlier works, the woman had a central position in the narratives, but the new works are involving the man too to vary the dynamic of the unsafe territories.

WITCH´S TITZ- Drawings 2005-2008
In the”black box” of the gallery, ”WITCH´S TITZ- Drawings 2005-2008”, Zven Balslev has his first soloexhibition in the gallery of 24 selected black and white drawings from 2005-2008.
Zven Balslev is educated from The Royal Danish Art Academi in 2006 and has by his original and controversial expression marked the new positions of drawing in contemporary med art. The style is raw and unpolished and combine the aesthetic of the undergroundcomic with a vital expressionism. A characteristic is also the black humour that is abstract beyond meaning, and whitch is confronting the audience with a visuel noise.

Charlotte Fogh

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