William Powhida

“When the individual thinks he is casting an objective eye upon himself, he is, in the final analysis , contemplating nothing other than the result of perpetual transactions with the subjectivity of others.”

-Nicolas Bourriaud, Relational Aesthetics

Oh, for fuck’s sake, he’s back and up to his crazy shit again. William Powhida has once again put us in a totally awkward position as his dealers. He is asking us to show a body of work that he claims was produced by William Powhida sometime in late 2009. We realize it is only April. What the fuck? Right? We aren’t even really sure we understand him, but William claims to have William’s reflections from his time locked in Thai jail for solicitation and drug charges while abroad on an NEA funded travel grant. Apparently (this is so weird) William underwent a difficult detoxification and documented it on paper. We are not shitting you. William even produced a NY Post cover and article verifying the events that haven’t even happened yet, which is just plainly ridiculous.

William has really gone bat shit crazy, making some sort of paranoid representation of the art world William produced after being freed from jail, and has expanded it into an installation of over 3,000 art world portraits. We tried to explain to him that it’s just not possible to show art from the future, but our special ‘little art star’ just stared at us. Are we missing something??? No, he’s obviously experiencing some kind of meltdown brought on by the economic collapse. We think he’s certain he might have had something to do with it and we tried to explain it wasn’t all his fault. Market Crash was just a drawing.

Unfortunately, we are, um, committed to the show based on what he told us he was going to do. He said something about a memoir and was vague about the details. UH, NO. We promise this is the LAST time we trust him. We are so embarrassed to have to do this, but we have to announce that we are pleased to present ‘The Writing Is on the Wall’ opening April 10, 2010 from 6–8pm opening this April 10, 2009 from 6–8pm. This is just absurd, but that is when he says the opening takes place and you know how ‘geniuses’ operate, totally weird, probably insane.

To make matters worse, William also collaborated on a project with Jennifer Dalton. They swear they received a fax time-stamped April 2012 from SchroRoWinkleFeuerBooneWildenRosenGosian Gallery regarding the opening of the last gallery in New York featuring unlimited editions of their work (and every artist still in New York). It’s really…we are at a loss for words. We are so mad at ourselves and Ed Winkleman for even suggesting they collaborate. The artists have provided us with the SRWFBWRG press release. It is a mortifying vision of our future. Please don’t be mad at us, we will show really serious art again soon. If only all of our artists were as thoughtful as Michael Waugh and Eric Heist we wouldn’t be in this position. So, for our sake, please come out and support us during this difficult time and just entertain Powhida, he is really fragile right now and we are just trying to be good art dealers.

Schroeder Romero
William Powhida

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