54 titles of an exhibition

A stunning beauty weightlessly floating through space. As she gradually unveils words emerge and descend, covering her body like fig leaves. At the climax of this intro Barbarella delightfully floats before our eyes in paradisiacal nudity.
Umbral apparitions of uneven forms in the dark. Rhythmically to the ethereal play of a violine, the orifices of a face emerge as if reflected in a distorted mirror. The black gorge of a wide-opened throat engulfs our gaze and threatens to devour the titel Seconds.

The extraordinary challenge of combining writing, image, and sound to introduce a theme without giving too much away has majorly ushered and defined the emergence and style of a whole genre. Showing more than 50 opening and closing titles, the exhibition VORSPANNKINO (cinema of titles) is a premiere to honor this special form of film.

Elaine & Saul Bass, Kent Bateman, Samuel Beckett, Maurice Binder, Stan Brakhage, Robert Brownjohn, Marc Bruckert, Jörg Buttgereit, Penny Causer, Jean Cocteau, Kyle Cooper, Jeremy Dawson, John De Bello, Friz Freleng, Sandy Dvore, Pablo Ferro, Wayne Fitzgerald, Stephen O. Frankfurt, Jean-Luc Godard, Shan Hua, Teruo Ishii, Olivier Kuntzel & Florence Deygas, Dudley Murphy, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Dan Perri, Horst Piehler, James S. Pollak, Lotte Reiniger, Christoph Schlingensief & Norbert Schliewe, Orson Welles, David Wojnarowicz & Tommy Turner

Berlin Biennale

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