Galleri Tom Christoffersen presents the comprehensive group show UNDER MY NAILS with the participation of both artists of the gallery and guests. All artists has used the same point of departure; a poem by Henrik Have.

It may border to pathetic and way to subjective when the owner of the gallery takes the initiative to an exhibition, which springs from no less than a genuine passion for poetry. It gets even worse when it is combined with personal experiences of tracing the poet tombs in the Middle East and being on the track of Ferdousi, Rumi og Sadi just after momentarily having lost the mind consulting the master of metaphors – Hafiz – in the rose gardens of Shiraz. Non-the less this is why artists from the Danish and international contemporary art scene has been invited to take up the challenge and freely depart from a particular poem. Which elements have been adopted or have motivated and fascinated the particular artists is fortunately not in the hands of Galleri Tom Christoffersen. UNDER MY NAILS is a diverse exhibition and the product of 23 artists taking up a challenge.

We would like to thank Henrik Have for the permission to use the following poem from:
Turistrejse til mine elskedes dyner.

I have turned my palms towards the ceiling
and I await a fall-down
of light and angles and juices and roses

Now and then plaster and wires
and sinful words fall

God I’ve got under my nails

Participating artists:
Claus Carstensen, Elmer, Alexander Laner (D), Anders W. Ø. Larsen, Marie Søndergaard Lolk, Pia Lundqvist (S), Henrik Menné, Mogens Møller, Mie Mørkeberg, Bodil Nielsen, Allan Otte, Krista Rosenkilde, Christian Skeel, Anna Sørensen.

By invitation: Franz Beckerlee, Anders Brinch, Peter Carlsen, James Jessop (UK), Jens Robert Jørgensen, Ferdinand Ahm Kragh, Knud Odde, Torben Ribe, Jonas Hvid Søndergaard.

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