Ulrik Schiødt

Ulrik have made The Mandalagoa in Goa, check it out:::


The Mandalagoa

3 thoughts on “Ulrik Schiødt

  1. this is so beautiful and rich and deep and diverse

    i love all of the ways you carry your elegant lines and mandala color palatte and abundant creativity and clearly visionary work through through all the mediums, and materials.

    love, eileen

  2. Eileen 🙂
    Wow, long time no see…How are you?
    Only now I see your comment, thank you…
    I´ve been involved with the Mandala-project the last 3 years,
    it´s moved on a lot since these photo´s were taken…
    In case you stop by here again, I can be reached at:


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