Ulrik Crone

Ulrik Crone is one of the most important artists to emerge from the influential group ”the wild young ones”, which emerged on the Danish art scene in the late 80s. Throughout his career Ulrik has been fascinated with the strange world surrounding everyday life. Using art as a compass he ventures on an exploration through urban landscapes filled with hooligans, shopping trolleys, punks, concrete blocks, strippers, and sex shops.

Ulrik Crone’s second solo exhibition at V1 Gallery, The means to THE END, submerges into the “experience culture” that has dominated the Western world over the past decade. Sex and diets – superstars’ and mere mortals’ – have become prime time entertainment. Dildos are bought with the same casualness as canned food and pole dancing lessons are taken in the same spirit as tango and ceramics classes.

The carnivalisation of sexuality mixed with grotesque entertainment send mindless and horny human lemmings on a confused quest for the unique life. The title of the exhibition, The means to THE END, refers to this cultural flux that in a misanthropic hour could be perceived as the demise of culture.

With curiosity and passion Ulrik questions the twilight zone of “ordinary” life. Disney bling and roller coaster consumerism take over modern life, while empty night lit streets are occupied by teddy bear machines and sex shops. Newspapers scrap investigative articles in favour of Britney Spears’ private video escapades and corrupt X Factor-judges. And reality seen through Ulrik’s periscope resembles a neon coloured feverish fantasy that exorcises any attempt at mental activity. Moral judgement is left for the viewer to pass.

The means to THE END consists of three large installations as well as paintings, collage and paper works.

Ulrik Crone

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