U P D A T E 2007

March 10th to April 7th 2007

Stalke Galleri in Kirke Sonnerup proudly presents the UPDATE 2007 exhibition project – a forum where nine different artists meet. These artists have very different positions and approaches, which is reflected in their diverse, multifaceted works. Several of the invited artists live far away from Denmark, e.g. Vietnam, Berlin, London and Iceland. The exhibition gives every artist an opportunity to present his or her works in Stalke. The aim is that the diversity will create a dynamic and interesting exhibition away from the so-called mainstream and predictability.

The exhibition project can be seen as a downstroke, spanning from politics to emotions and personal feelings. It is the intention to show an exhibition which cannot be seen in other contexts. The works cannot be described in one, unifying expression, but represent lopsidedness, weirdness, peculiarity, ugliness, mystery, if not profanity, annoyance, the dismissed. Art history and the media try to understand art by standardizing and simplifying. We do the opposite by exposing the multiplicity and have selected artists which are precisely critical of art political correctness.

UPDATE will be a yearly occurring event in Stalke from now on – each year with changing themes and curators.

The following artists participate:

Hans Peterson
Anne Bennike
Morten Tillitz
Frank Busk
Steinunn H. Sigurdardottir
Hulda Vilhjámsdóttir
Thorgej Steen Hansen
Kristleifur Björnsson
Jes Brinch

Sam Jedig and Morten Tillitz

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