Total Revolution

Total Revolution constitutes an arena for a duel on opinions and conceptions. Written in neon, burned on canvas, illuminated on a chain link fence, in video, through sound and photography Sonne questions the way we experience and interpret. What is meaning and who defines it?

Using paradox as ammunition, Sonne attacks the categorical truths that normally overwrite nuances. Cultural references and powerful concepts such as freedom, power, truth and lie – concepts, which often serve as the foundation of Western discourse – are being scrutinized with a smile and twist of mind. Sonne’s works turns into a playful Morse system, where the only dictionary is the beholder’s world perception.

Manipulating well-established signs and symbols, investigating, inventing, reusing and renovating self-contradictory words, sentences and objects. Sonne revels in dualities, whether it is in the form of material (synthetic/natural), production (industrial/hand made), form (geometrical/organic) or color (black/white).
The construction of doubt, uncertainty, or outright failure is omnipresent in Kasper’s work. Total Revolution is both a critical outcry that questions the simplified social discourse, and a personal reminder to everyone about how easy it is to pass judgment and reach hastened conclusions.

Sonne’s visual language and choice of materials refer to European modernism and American minimalism. The industrial produced materials and geometric shapes are juxtaposed by organic imperfections and human traces, adding humane vulnerability to the machinelike works.

Sonne draws inspiration from philosophy, psychology, politics, religion, art history and popular culture.

Kasper Sonne, born 1975, lives and works in New York. Total Revolution is Sonne’s third solo exhibition with V1 Gallery, later this year he opens a solo exhibition with LaViolaBank in New York. Spring 2010 Museo Sala Siqueiros in Mexico will exhibit a large-scale installation created for the museum.

V1 Gallery

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