Tom Sanford & Aaron Johnson – Studio visit

We Went to Tom Sanford studio,- just to say hallo, and see if everything was ok…he was doing really well, and has been working a lot seens last time we were there. After a short talk about his up coming show in Copenhagen, Aaron Johnson came to pick us up! (They went to the same college)

10 minutes walk and then we came to Aaron studio…
We went in to a very nice building, and up to the 7th floor….there was a “living room” with a kitchen and everything looked like a shared studio.. but it wasen’t.. Arron is in a project, there has been going on for the last 20 years. Nearly 2000 students replay every year, for getting a studio there and the only take 15 in…so hard competition! But he came in!
Very Nice place, with good atmosfaire!

Aaron work on Plastic, and it is a really carzy process….I will try to explain it shortly…
He put plastic on a frame, (just like canvas) And then he paint on the back side, so he can’t really see how it looks like, but as he said: I have a really good feeling, and as long it turns out in a positiv way, it’s okay.
Then when hi is completly finished painting, he flips the painting down to the floor, then he put a net over the hole picture, stretch it hard, so it make the plastic more stabil, then he put a clear painting over it so the net sits completely fast at the plastic… and then.. It’s Finished!

In process…


I know it sounds completly crazy, and maybe you don’t even understand what I try to expaine, but Aaron promised me to send a mail, where he will describe it him self…So we are all looking forward to the real story!!!

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