An exhibition by DUNK! – Copenhagen, featuring:

Zven Balslev (DK), Søren Brøgger (DK), Rasmus Danø (DK), Rose Eken (DK),
Sonja Lillebæk Christensen (DK),Thorgej Steen Hansen (DK), Sian Kristoffersen (DK),
Sören Hüttel (DK), Daniel Milan (DK), Andreas Poppelier (SE), Jakob Rød (DK),
Louise Sparre (DK), Hartmut Stockter (DE), Ditte Knus Tønnesen (DK).

DUNK! is an artist run exhibition space located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in September 2005, it is dedicated to showing work by both emerging and more established Danish and international artists, across all medias and genres.

Since 2006 they have participated in Art Fairs across Denmark and Europe. In 2007 they began representing a selection of contemporary artists through their website, in the style of a commercial gallery. In January 2008 they were included in Flash Art International’s list of the Top 100 Galleries worldwide.

Through the Looking Glass represents DUNK!’s first major international group show outside of Copenhagen. The show at SWG3 (Studio Warehouse Glasgow) will feature new work from DUNK!’s represented artists, including three Danish guests artists who have all studied at The Glasgow School of Art.

Through the Looking Glass represents a magnified cross section of Copenhagen’s progressive art scene, providing a snap shot of the city’s contemporary critical climate. The work will investigate a diverse range of media from painting, drawing and sculpture, through to installation video and photography.

DUNK! asked each of the participating artists to focus on phenomena particular to Glasgow, referencing in one way or another aspects of the city’s recent cultural history. This open-ended thematic framework has been established as a point of departure, acting as a catalyst for the production of new work.

Through the Looking Glass is the second exhibition in an exchange between DUNK! and SWG3. Coordinated in Glasgow by resident artist Dan Miller, the project started with Miller’s solo show at DUNK!, during September 2008.


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