The Wall

Pilaiporn Pethrith (TH) The Wall

Charlotte Fogh Contemporary is happy to present Pilaiporn Pethriths soloexhibition, ”The Wall”. The exhibition features new artworks of mixed media paintings and Persian carpets.

Pilaiporn Pethrith (1978) was born in Thailand and by the age of 17, she initiated the College of Fine Arts in Bangkok. In 2000 she moved to Denmark and graduated from the Royal Danish Academi of fine Arts in 2007. Since then she has marked herself by characteristic paintings reflecting both Western and Asian culture.

Pilaiporn Pethrith brings our attention to worldwide situations of complexity and disaster in her mixed media paintings. Pilaiporn combines dramatic news photographs, striking colours, and the ever-present persona of an elf like creation that she calls a ‘Goggle’; due to its fixed stare. The Goggle is an eerie and anonymous observer of events, a cartoon silhouette with elfin ears and a single eye. The mood of Pilaiporn’s paintings is up-tempo and ’Pop Art’ but also strangely unsettling. The images provoke many questions; does the Goggle represent us? Is it an impartial observer? A witness? A silent accuser? A practical joker?

Charlotte Fogh

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