The Destruction of Atlantis

The Destruction of Atlantis
A group exhibition curated by Jesper Elg featuring new works by: Ulrik Crone (DK), Michelle Blade (US), Wes Lang (US), Julian Röder (DE), Steve Powers (US), Todd James (US), Troels Carlsen (DK), Andrew Schoultz (US), Jakob Boeskov (IS/DK), Kasper Sonne (DK), HuskMitNavn (DK), Matthew Stone (UK), Hesselholdt & Mejlvang (DK), Alex Lukas (US), Peter Funch (DK), Jes Brinch (DK) and Richard Colman (US).

The exhibition revolves around the Atlantis myth, interpreted from the perspective, that we are gradually fulfilling, what many thought of as a ludicrous myth.
There are many themes attached to the myth, and writers, philosophers and artists have looked at the myth from very different angles throughout the last 2500 years. The destruction of an advanced civilization, natural catastrophes, man made disasters, utopia, hubris, nationalism (the Nazis believed it might be the home of an ideal race, other believed Atlantis was home of the Hyperboreans a race of Nordic supermen).

As waters rise and storms increase, we might not have to be as imaginative as Plato, Francis Bacon or Heinrich Himmler, to recognize the problem. Or as curator Jesper Elg says:
“The title refers to humankind gradually making the Atlantis myth come true. Our civilization is slowly sinking and we are making what we thought was a bizarre myth come true. Basically we are destroying our own civilization while we claim to become more civilized.” Jesper Elg
The exhibition will feature paintings, photography, sound, drawings, sculpture and installation elements that in many different ways reflect and comment on our behavior on this.

Union Gallery

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