The Apartment Gallery – Berlin

The Apartment Gallery – Berlin

Designer and artist Helle Mardahl exhibits a royal orgy of consumption in
the Apartment Gallery in Berlin 29th of September 2007

Private view on the 27th of September 2007, 7PM-10PM

A shambles of dreams, orgies, profusion and staging of the self have gathered in
a gigantic sculptural chandelier, which is the centre point of the exhibition.
The chandelier encompasses all the ups and downs of every day life and
subsequently answers the question, which is also the title of the exhibition:
What does not live inside?

The exhibition in the 150m2 large space facing towards Alexanderplatz is a
complete installation. Wall prints, collages and sculptures gives the impression of
a decadent and lavish upper class milieu – but the seemingly polished surface
clashes with the contrary of an autonomous underworld of wickedness, revolt
and pop culture that interferes with the royal atmosphere. Ten different personas
are picked out of the chandeliers symbolic diversity and these sculptural
individuals are among others the transsexual king, the artist herself as an
egoistical queen, the autonomous prince and the voyeuristic maid – all iconic
characters with conflicting motives and inner obsessions.

Helle Mardahl (born 1976) combines art and graphic fashion design. She is
educated in fashion design from the prestigious institution Central Saint Martins,
London and was awarded “Statens Kunstfonds” (the state art fond) a 3year
working grant, providing her with the opportunity to work in the field between
fashion, sculpture and installation. She is inspired by her background in fashion
and sees fashion as a lifestyle and a reflection on society’s need. She is also
highly fascinated by the human individual, our staging of the self and our
superficial culture.
Art for her is a free space where she can connect these elements disregarding
a final function or use. The graphical figure is liberated and blends into the physical
figure – both surface and depth of the whole project is Helle’s extreme need to be
able to express her self aesthetically.

The exhibition will run from the 29th of September to the 20st of October 2007.

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