It is with great pleasure that Charlotte Fogh Contemporary presents a group exhibition with the artists Andreas Schulenburg, Jesper Dalgaard and Ulu Braun.

As a presentation of the three artists the exhibition embraces sculptures, reliefs, video and collages. The common denominator of the three artists is a profound focus on the imaginative in their work on the relationship between nature and culture.

With his felt sculptures, Andreas Schulenburg strives to change our usual view of the logic of things. Through a humoristic and absurd twist of nature/culture the artworks creates a reflection on the traditional order of reality.

The works of Jesper Dalgaard take off in an immanent interest in culture’s effect on nature and vice versa, which is expressed in a peculiar sculptural universe questioning our cultural history and its constructions.

Ulu Braun presents small concentrated collages, that operate in the area between imagination and reality as well as nature and culture. With their surreal atmosphere the artworks are exuberant, eccentric, beautiful and terrifying fiction.

Charlotte Fogh