Husk Mit Navn @ Charlotte Fogh:…


A soloshow by HUSKMITNAVN (RememberMyName)

All one’s life in one exhibition!

It is a great pleasure to present the second soloexhibition of HuskMitNavn (RememberMyName) at Charlotte Fogh Contemporary. In more than 100 photocollages, drawings, paintings and an orchestrated funeral, the anonymeous artist, HuskMitNavn, describes our pathway through life. From the maternity ward to school, dancefloor, workplace and to the last breath.

The exhibition is for all of those, whose lives are too short for art, but still are missing the great picture!

HuskMitNavn is known for working within various genre; from the streets to the galleries, comics, T-shirts to Legosculptures. His familiar line and subtle humour has placed the artist as one of the most characteristic artists in Denmark.

During the past 8 years HuskMitNavn has exhibited at various places in Denmark and Internationally – from housefronts and underground galleries to Museum of Modern Art in New Mexico. His latest show was at LaViolaBank Gallery in New York and Street Art Inspiration at Vejle Art Museum in the spring 2009.

Husk Mit Navn

Charlotte Fogh