DUNK! is now ready with a new sparkling show.
DUNK! is happy to welcome a notorious artist-run initiative and space from Malmö.
DUNK! proudly present the fabulous group show TUNNEL VISION.
TUNNEL VISION is a group show with 12 artist from Sweden and Denmark.
TUNNEL VISION is totally fresh first class contemporary works of art.
TUNNEL VISION is the second and final show which completes an exhibition exchange between DUNK! and CirkulationsCentralen.

CirkulationsCentralen was founded by a group of artists in 2003, CirkulationsCentralen is an organization for the production and presentation of contemporary art and culture, located in Malmö, Sweden. The heart of CC is an artists’ cooperative consisting of twentyfour studios which hosts 27 artists in an 600m2 space, located in a former industrial building, also houses a workshop and a gallery showing Swedish and international contemporary art. 

Since opening  CirkulationsCentralen have presented over 80 exhibitions, and have shown the work of member artists as well as of invited artists and collectives from Sweden and abroad, and have hosted seminars, screenings, concerts, and performances

CirkulationsCentralen is a non-commercial artist-run space and maintains relationships with other artist-run and non-profit initiatives and artists working at CC are active both on the national as the international art scene.

Participating Artist:
Lennart Alves (SE), Stine Egeskov Berger (DK), Anna Brag (SE), Björn Carnemalm (SE), Timja Femling (SE), Andreas Kurtsson (SE), Kamilla Levring (DK), Madelene Oldeman (SE), Helena Persson (SE), Lisa Rydberg (SE), Joanna Thede (SE), Fredrik Weerasinghe (SE)

Dunk Dunk
Cirkulations Centralen