Swimming Without Water


Swimming Without Water’ by artists Debby Akam, Flora Gare and Tim Skinner
Contemporary Art Exhibition at Moseley Road Baths, Balsall Heath, Birmingham

‘Swimming Without Water’ is a contemporary art exhibition in an Edwardian swimming baths. We are commissioning a series of new works for this exciting non-gallery environment, which resonates with history and meaning.
We want to start an awakening
The artists, Debbie Akam, Flora Gare and Tim Skinner, are working to bind their works with this glorious historic building, to re-enliven it; to re-populate it through an engagement with the building and the audience (swimmers and non-swimmers from Moseley Road and beyond) through the medium of art.
‘Swimming Without Water’ is a meeting of Art, Space and Audience
We want to offer the City a chance to discover something new, as well as old: a new perspective on this piece of their heritage.
Everyone is welcome to enjoy and experience this project, including many who do not see themselves as being interested in visual arts. Works by artist Debbie Akam will be made through the participation of audience members and local groups, and different events and activities throughout the show are there to inform, entertain and help with the ongoing conversation between art, space and audience.
Jimmy Lindqvist and Maria Regla de Garcia-Bernal are both independent curators, living and working in Birmingham.

Swimming Without Water

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