Simon Keenleyside

MOGADISHNI proudly presents new works by the British artist Simon Keenleyside (B.1975). Lives and works in London, England). Simon Keenleyside will be presenting his colourful and intriguing works on linen.

For years Simon Keenleyside has explored the suburban gardens and woods in Essex. Unlike artists traditionally working with landscape in the great English tradition, Keenleyside transforms his scenes into fantastic escapist backdrops which blend memories. The romantic, imaginative settings which unite the artist’s colourful, vivid recollections with both art historical references to British landscape painting and children’s literature entice the viewer in a magical way and create a space filled with colour to get lost in or flee into. Keenleyside’s impasto way of painting makes the sceneries highly present.

Keenleyside creates an universe, which is both recognizable and unreal – a fascinating landscape for reflection. The strange beauty of the deserted landscapes is not only exquisite and seductive but also contains elements of anxiety and desire. Keenleyside’s paintings are to enjoy, intrigue and draw us in to a different world.

MOGADISHNI also proudly presents the first solo exhibition in Scandinavia by the American artist J.J. Garfinkel (B.1973 in Raleigh, North Carolina). Lives and works in Brooklyn, USA). Garfinkel will be presenting new works on linen and board.

Garfinkel presents scenes that merge various methods and media to depict highly staged visions of the natural world. The works hint at an amalgam of sources including plants, rocks, gates, and nests.

Garfinkel creates fictive structures that reference architecture and ornament but also allude to natural forms. Primitive and technological constructions fuse into a framework engulfed by organic growth. He reaches the final image when the natural and the synthetic combine and when these elements fluctuate between discord and harmony.

Recent shows include “Future Dialogues”, Dean Project, Queens, NY & “View Sheds”, Hogar Collection


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