Silent Eye – New works from Kvium

Michael Kvium installs new works built especially to
architect Zaha Hadids new part Ordrupgaard.
Display at Ordrupgaard 19. january to 15. july 2007

Michael Kvium: Lunch II, 2006

Michael Kvium plays by our relationships to the nature
and our rewriting from of that.
He is adopted to the relations between what it is we notices,
and what it is vi think vi notices.

No people!
Trees , goats, the sky and landcapes is Kviums new justify.
“When I eliminated the humanfigur from my paintings in this show,
is it because I want us to look at ourselves instead of looking at the humans of the works” Michael said.

Michael Kvium: Where The Hell is God, 2006

Michael Kvium: Random Piece I, 2006.

Michael Kvium: Reality View, 2006.

Michael Kvium: November, 2006.

Michael Kvium: Dusk Eye II, 2006

  • Gallery Franz Pedersen
  • Ordrupgaard
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