Shirin Neshat

SHIRIN NESHAT – Women without Men

The international video artist Shirin Neshat’s latest work, Women without Men, will be exhibited at ARoS.
It is the world premiere of this major video cycle consisting of five video works.
Since her breakthrough in the 1990s with the photographic series Women of Allah, Neshat has focused on themes like genders, oppression of women, life in exile, and East versus West on the background of a Middle Eastern context.
The new works based on a novel by the Iranian writer Shahrnush Parsipur narrate the ‘close-knit’ life stories of five women finding refuge in a garden, which becomes a kind of utopic space.
The narrative style of Women without Men connects to the magical-realist tradition. The visuals are incredible beautiful and the narratives saturated with despair and anxiety. As in previous works – for Shirin Neshat art will always be a balancing act of the universal and the culturally specific.


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