Shades of black


Throughout the summer of 2010 Ordrupgaard will present the exhibition Shades of Black with Martin Bigum • Preben Fjederholt • Thomas Kluge • Michael Kvium • Peter Martensen • Ulrik Møller • Odd Nerdrum • Balder Olrik.

For the first time, these eight significant artists are presented in a joint exhibition, shedding light on an overlooked current in contemporary art. The singular artists share the commonality of, in nuances of black, depicting the great classical themes of art: Death, time and history from a contemporary point of view.

Shades of Black has been created in a cooperative effort between Ordrupgaard, Vejle Kunstmuseum and art historian Merete Sanderhoff. The exhibition will subsequently be presented at Vejle Kunstmuseum.

Ordrup Gaard

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