Sean Talley

The Jancar Jones Gallery is pleased to announce its second solo exhibit of the work of San Francisco-based artist, Sean Talley. The exhibit will consist of a number of works on paper, as well as three-dimensional works in plaster and Masonite.

Building on concepts from his previous exhibit, in which the subject was presented as the object rather than a representation of itself, his new body of work thus brings materiality to the fore, focusing his efforts on the surface and presence of each piece. Using common materials, such as graphite and plaster, he creates simple hard-edged forms, using slight gestures to “let the materials present themselves.” The pieces impart a quiet potential, an action that is not physically present but addresses the objecthood of each form. As in his rectangular forms, with one corner cut off, Talley’s choice to remove one corner as opposed to another comes to signify a singular subjective action, standing in contrast to the “purity” of form and material. Likewise, through his use of plaster (the resulting forms moving into three-dimensional space) he addresses the assigned values within each composition through the conscious manipulation of geometric volume. With a nod to Kelly, his work is a meditation on the Minimalist canon yet with the assertion of his own critical consideration of the process and production of such a restrained aesthetic.

Jancar Jones

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