Saturday Sessions


Brooklyn is Burning presents this weekend’s installment of Saturday Sessions. BiB will host a video program and four performances featuring Try Cry Try, Gerorgia Sagri, Ann Liv Young, and Morty Diamond in the 3rd floor Main Gallery. Organized by Andres Bedoya and Sarvia Jasso, BiB is a video and performance event interested in exploring the roles and definitions of sexuality and identity.

Marina Abramović’s Chair for Man and His Spirit has been re-installed on P.S.1’s terrace. Additionally, Abramović will sign monographs for her upcoming MoMA retrospective, Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present, along with her latest publications.

In conjunction with the book signing, Abramović has invited Davide Balliano to present, But I Wasn’t Young Anymore, a day-long performance that transforms abstract notions of life and death into a tangible experience. Balliano performs from 12-6PM in the 1st floor Painting Gallery.

We welcome artist Mickalene Thomas for the third iteration of the On-site series in the P.S.1 lobby. Mickalene Thomas creates visual explorations of female African American beauty within her photographs and paintings. Her portraits are inspired by pin-up images of the 1960’s and 70’s, and by her own mother, a former model. They address questions of femininity, strength, and glamour. For P.S.1’s Lobby, Thomas presents three subjects in an ornate setting, in which the sitters exude intense confidence and sensuality. The work is collaged from fragments of a single image and subsequently re-photographed, creating a puzzle-piece effect that alludes to the process of its making.


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