“Sail away”


If you are always sailing away, always running from yesterday, always homeless, what can you ever gain? This exhibition is the biproduct of Other and Erik Burkes 3000+km bicycle trip between Lisbon and Copenhagen.

For seven weeks canadian artist Other and american Erik Burke bicycled from port to countryside, along inland trade routes of riches and squalor, rising over Sierra Mountains up into snowy peaks. They followed local directions and camped where the road ended and the sky turned black. In their periphery, weary flocks of sheep clang their bells while silhouettes of wild dogs circle their camp. The sound of trucks’ air brakes lulled them to sleep and humming mosquito wings woke them in the morning.

Their experience lingered between ghost story and the everyday. They pedaled all day and created work by bike light under bridges soaking wet with their shoes still on in their sleeping bags to withstand the cold. Frames found in fleamarkets and old Spanish Church garages frame their work made while skipping town and  moving into the next unknown  town. This is how these works came to be


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