S.A.S #2 :Smittekilde Arrogant Student

S.A.S #2 :Smittekilde Arrogant Student Mike Diana (US)

Smittekilde´s freshly opened modern rat exhibition space S.A.S is now ready to launch its second exhibition. This time with the brilliant American artist Mike Diana!
Mike Diana’s (born 1969) infamous cartoons were under the spotlight in 1994. He was thrown in jail for four days without bail on obscenity charges, for publishing, advertising and selling his zine BOILED ANGEL.

Mike Diana was the first person ever in the western world to be convicted of drawing comics, and since then he has been proclaimed an underground cartoon martyr.
15 years has passed since this absurd sensation and it can hardly be used to hype Mike Diana in this press release. His art on the other hand is still just as clever, and it is an honour for S.A.S to show some of his new work.

Mike Diana – thank god! – has preserved his unique, grotesque drawing style. His world is hopeless, trashed and full of crooked characters who challenge our understanding of what is wrong and right in a gallows humourous way. Mike Diana’s art portrays a completely degenerated sexuality mixed with an ultraviolent clash with authorities, directly from the dirty drawers of adolescence.

At the opening a limited silkscreen print by Mike Diana made for the occasion will be available.


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