The owner of the gallery, Tom Christoffersen, has purchased 30 collages by the Danish artist Albert Mertz (1920-1990). In the hands of artist Christian Vind this has led to RESEND WORKS, a group exhibition that puts Mertz into play with his past, present and future.

Between 1962 and 1972 Albert Mertz lives in Paris and writes for the art magazine Louisiana Revy. A few years earlier Louisiana – Museum of Modern Art (Humlebaek) begins to show international exhibitions and in Mertz a protagonist for this new art is found. He brings news from the art scene in Paris, discusses art theory and art historical subjects and as a travelling critic he brings on the spot reports from major European exhibitions just as he introduces cutting edge art practices to Danish readers. All his writings are sent home accompanied by his own collages.

The group exhibition RESEND WORKS presents a major collection of these collages, which reflect Albert Mertz’ knowing, provocative, poetical and humorous approach to art and art making. In the curatorial practice of Christian Vind trajectories emanates from the juxtaposition of the collages with Vind’s careful and commenting selection of works by Jes Brinch, Jan S. Hansen, Arthur Köpcke, Storm P, Tal R, Stoffer and Christian Vind.

Tom Christoffersen


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