Reality Check

Unreal reality?
Reality has turned out to be something relative. We see reality TV, documentary films and photos from the world’s trouble spots, aware that the reality presented to us in these media may not be the truth or give adequate information.

Artists’ examination of reality
Reality may be turned and twisted, and its reproduction depends on the angling of the story, who tells it, what is given first priority and what is left out. This concept of reality as relative or as a construction has interested pictorial artists for a long time. The exhibition will show works investigating reality and the conditions determining our concept of reality – works which may even change or colour the way we experience reality.

Everything from painting to video
The works in the exhibition are executed in the materials used in today’s pictorial art, ranging from painting and sculpture to installation, photography and video – combined in every possible way. The public will be shown exact copies of existing rooms, candid self portraits, installations which make one doubt what is up and down in the world, strange retellings of everyday stories, harsh documentarism and much, much more.


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