Quotables // A Live & Surreal Art Show.

Quotables Art Show

I’m throwing an art event @ Bloom Bars in Washington,
DC on May 29th (6-10pm). It’s entitled “Quotables: A Live & Surreal
Art Show” where I’m taking quotes (famous or not) that I have followed
in my life or admire or are completely random and having artists do
live interpretations of those quotes for an audience. There are going
to be live musical performances from multiple genres and Honest Tea is
on board as a beverage sponsor. In essence I’m taking the basis of an
art show and blending it with live exhibits and performances, while
making it more relaxed but just as creative.

Wanted to personally invite you to the event if you’re in the DC area
as well as coverage on your blog “BraskArt”. I think it’s something
your readers would enjoy and it’s totally free (“love donations”
accepted but not required). Hope all is well.

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