People and Places

People and Places

Jasper Sebastian Stürup, Søren Behncke, Peter Funch, Knud Odde, Hans E. Madsen, Lars Bukdahl
Drawings, sculpture, photography, painting, light, text

Curated by Mikkel Amby

People and Places

The theme of the groupshow, People and Places focus on people and their realationship to the environment. The six Danish artist, both established and emerging artist, embrace some of the most interesting tendencies of contemporary art.

The paintings of Knud Odde takes off in an emotional and exspressive form with motives of people and places coming from music and litterature. In comparation Jasper Sebastian Stürups drawings appears fragile and fail with scenes of people in abstract environments and landscapes.

Hans E. Madsen creates sitespecific installations of light, that is oscillating between illusion and reality, while Søren Behncke works with the universal signs from cardboadpacking and litter, wich he alters into pictures, scupltures and streetart. In this way he opens up for dialog between the public and the private.

Peter Funch works with documentary scenes between reality and manipulated settings. In his photographies of streetcorners in New York, he freezes the people and samples the motives into new corealations.

For the exhibition, the author Lars Bukdahl, has created a literary work displayed in gallery.

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