Paper Show


Paper Show

David Risley Gallery is pleased to announce Paper show, featuring 17
international artists.
Paper Show began as a back to basics. Thinking about the site of the
1st draft, the initial idea, the note on a scrap of paper. The paper
Paper is the common denominator across diverse practices and
ideological positions. It is the common material of writers, musicians,
architects and artists. It links artists of all disciplines; painting,
photography, sculpture, performance. It is a democratic, non-
hierarchical material, which cuts across theoretical stances and
connects the coldly conceptual with the wildly expressionistic.
The artists here use paper as a considered and essential element within
the work, not merely as a convenient support. Several of the works take
paper as subject rather than material. Others as a meeting place, a
battlefield, a document, a marker of time, a gift.
What began as a back to basics has inevitably become complex.

David Risley Gallery

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