Nobuyoshi Araki "69YK"

Nobuyoshi Araki
“69YK” 2009
B & W print
Courtesy of Taka Ishii Gallery

Taka Ishii Gallery is pleased to announce our forthcoming solo exhibition with Nobuyoshi Araki, “69YK”. Coinciding with his 69th birthday, we are presenting his new works of 6 x 9 monochrome prints.

“All photographs I took with this 69 camera became obscene. But it is not my fault. It is the fault of the camera. (….) Photographers lose their head for art, they try too hard. With this exhibition, I want to beat them up. I say this – a view towards art is not necessary, I think. Plain old photographs are better.”
Nobuyoshi Araki

Araki, who continues making Eros (sex/life) and Thanatos (death) the subject of his work asserts that photography is concerned with the “nature of relation and closeness”. He states that the relationship between himself and the subject is very important, but that the interference of the consciousness of another person is unnecessary.

By daring to use monochrome film, he devotes himself to strengthen his own faith with regards to photography. It seems that this attitude includes a sense of self-discipline.

When looking at the works, in which Araki’s belief is crystallized, one can feel the affection of Araki towards his subjects – women, flowers, the sky – and the love that he receives in return; The works have a scent of an intense exchange of sentiment between the photographer and his subjects.

Araki has reached a fixed position as a “photographer of genius”, yet, his desire to pursue further possibilities of photographic expression remains unfulfilled.

Taka Ishii Gallery

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