Nobuya Hoki

Nobuya Hoki
The gallery is pleased to announce the opening of our new exhibition space in Kyoto.
We’re currently preparing for the opening exhibition, “Nobuya Hoki”.

Please join us to celebrate the opening of Taka Ishii Gallery, Kyoto.
Nobuya Hoki Born in 1966, a graduate from the Kyoto City University of Arts (MFA, painting), Hoki lives and works in Kyoto. He has been included in numerous international exhibitions focusing on emerging Japanese artists such as Roppongi Crossing, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo (2004), rapt!, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne (2006), and Mindscape Museum, Okazaki (2007). Hoki’s highly developed, precisely articulated works have attracted increasing attention in recent years.

In his earlier pictorial representations, Hoki utilized two “freehand” drawing techniques, consisting of “a point (a dot)” and/or “the line.” Hoki’s present approach involves the use of a two-pronged drawing device resulting in what Hoki describes as “double line drawing”. Using this double line technique, Hoki creates an expansive plane, the simple single colorful line complicated by a shifting of colors creating a completely new type of pictured relief.
“Just by looking at the surface, divided by only line, one can see a difference in weight, context and movement.” In other words, he develops his original approach of creating “a single layer made multilayer within a single layer” by the use of dots and distance of the density of lines.

We will exhibit three large size paintings (oil on aluminum), and two large drawings. Please have a look at our new space to see the beauty of the dynamic, handmade drawings Hoki creates without a draft.

Taka Ishii Gallery

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