Nils Erik Gjerdevik

Nils Erik Gjerdevik

When GL STRAND on the 8th of November 2008 opens its doors to a new exhibition by
Nils Erik Gjerdevik, the spectator will experience a total installation consisting of
paintings, drawings and ceramic sculptures, made especially for GL STRAND’s 3rd floor.

For a number of years and within the realms of painting formal circumstances in relation
to the creation of images inspired by the possibilities in new digital image production has
been a focal point. Nils Erik Gjerdevik has positioned himself centrally over a longer
period of years in the form of highly original contributions to the analysis and exploration
of these very issues. He is working on an ongoing study of the many possible forms of
abstraction, which has been introduced especially through art history. His distinctive work
with the modes of presentation in non-figurative paintings has also resulted in a
gradual approximation of painting and drawing, which has induced that the non-figurative
universe is in constant genesis in two directions: Inwards towards an imaginary universe
and outwards towards physical abstraction.

In his new works Gjerdevik has used GL STRAND’s distinctive architecture and exhibition
space. Everything has been adjusted to suit this old bourgeois house with a mounting
that goes to the very edge – work edge, floor edge, wall edge and ceiling. In terms of
motifs Gjerdevik seeks to break up the framework through new explorations of the
seemingly endless tactile and optic qualities of the non-figurative.

Gl. Strand

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