Neil Farber & Chris Gilmour

Perugi artecontemporanea – via Giordano Bruno 24 b – Padova

Chris Gilmour

Neil Farber
Please Give Blood

Curated by Guido Bartorelli

opening Saturday 26th May 2007
From 6,30 pm onwards (until 20th September 2007)

Galleria Perugi is proud to present solo shows by two internationally successful artists, the Canadian Neil Farber, also famous for his work as a member of the Royal Art Lodge, and the English artist Chris Gilmour, resident in Italy for a number of years.
Farber presents Please Give Blood, a huge multi-element drawing made up of sixteen sheets of paper. The large space gives full rein to the ineffable creatures which fill his visions, perhaps never before shown in such an exquisitely cruel and dream-like way.
As always, Gilmour concentrates on the re-thinking of sculpture and sculptural language. His technical ability has reached such a level as to allow him to duplicate segments of reality with incredible precision, the only difference being the material- scrap cardboard. The “parallel reality” he creates thus becomes invalidated by a kind of original factory defect which makes it humble and fragile, but which is at same time of great poetic fascination.
Disposable is the title of this new series of works which draw their subject matter directly from the artistic tradition. These works are derived from the statues and busts often present in public spaces, their function to make eternal the memory of some illustrious man of history, but these are men whose great deeds are so often irredeemable forgotten.
The shows are curated by Guido Bartorelli.

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